Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrating my first year as a bike commuter

When I began writing this post it was twenty-five past eleven; that is thirty five minutes to celebrate Christmas. It has been a hectic year at work but it has not been a year that it will not be forgotten easily. You'll wonder why? The reason is that in the year 2009 I have started commuting for the first time in my life. I have a lot of experiences to tell you after cycling for a year. The feeling and the results have been terrific. I've lost weight, i feel healthier, I'm tanner, I've saved money, etc.. But how all this started? I guess it would be a good idea to start my story right now:

All began in February when teachers come back from the Argentinian summer respite. One of the schools I work at is 7 km away from home. It was then that I thought I should give bike commuting a try. During all these months the feeling of independence is mind-boggling. You get rid of bus schedules, you don't seem to care about about the constant rises in the transport fares. You are only interested in checking the weather forecast before setting off for work.

After a warm summer, autumn and winter came in. All was completely new to me. No experience at all in freezing weather. When i battled freezingly cold days all i had to do was to experience new ways of dressing up. When riding in winter I used to wear double pairs of trousers / socks and gloves. A good jacket was also needed. And of course, no need to mention my woolen scarf/cap. This was basically my garment during our last tough winter.

I don't hold with the idea that riding in winter is not possible. It IS! I only had to cycle for ten minutes to feel perfectly warm. Then the ride is a pleasure. You just need to cycle to reach your destination. Then I'll be posting a new entry giving you some advice on bike commuting, especially in winter. For now I will tell you how positive all this was for me.

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