Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cycling to work


  1. Great blog. Would you happen to have suggestions for folks that want to take longer rides in the country? For example, I've been wondering about the best ways of getting out of the city in order to cycle down to Mar del Plata.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to future posts.

  2. Thanx for your words Robert! I must apologize for the delay in replying your post. The things was that I had some problems with my internet connection.

    Well, early this year I hit the road to experience some country cycling. The trip was fantastic but sometimes things do go wrong.I learnt my lesson from that trip.

    Firstly, I chose the wrong route. I took the longest one. So, first piece of advice is to plan the logistics carefully. Consider traffic as well and avoid national roads which are usually packed with lorries and heavy transportation. Sometimes it's preferable to take a secondary road where you'll ride safer. When you plan your route, try also to find bikeshops on your way just in case.

    Secondly, take a repair kit. Personally speaking, I don't hold with taking glue and patches to repair a flat on the way. I'd rather change the tube and repair it at home. That's why I always take a spare tube plus another tyre plus a pump.

    Thirdly, maintenance is crucial. Before leaving home check brakes, oil the chain, make sure the tyres are not worn'out and tighten the wheels.

    In fourth place, don't forget to use a hemlet and lights, specially when riding at night. Make yourself visible.

    In a nutshell you should:
    1- plan your route and consider roads( safety and distance)
    2- take repair kit
    3- carry some rain garment (if you're travelling long distances consider that weather may change unexpectantly )
    4- Do some maintenance before leaving.

    Basically, this is what you should pay attention to. The you can make your own decision whether to carry more or less clothes, you can get a gps device if you please.

    Hope my words may help you plan your country ride and don't hesitate to post if you have further questions.

    Take good care and thanx for posting,

    PS: As to cycling to Mar del Plata, I can tell you the fastest way you can take is road number 2. Even though is the shortest road, i ahev to say it's the most risky way as it's narrow and full of heavy transportation. If you want, you can take a secondary road but safer such as road 29.

  3. Road 29 sounds like a safe route. I'll check it out when I get back to BA.