Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first six months as a bike commuter

I've been riding to work for six months now; as a matter of fact, my first six months. I have to say the assessment is highly positive. Let's start with the postives: i feel more energetic every time I reach school (I work as a teacher).I'm willing to work, I'm hapier in a a word. I do exercise. I lost 7 kilos. That's marvellous! There are lost of positives such as hearing the birds singing very early in the morning. I also have an air of independence: i don't depend on buses, cars or anything of the sort. I only ride my bike and make it home in style. I really like it!

Only one negative(hope it's the only one this year!) so far: I got a flat in the second week in March. Fortunately, my dad gave me hand and I could make it at my school as usual.

My evaluation has been 100% positive: I love biking and I hope lots of people learn about the benefits of commuting to work by bike!

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