Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost two months as a bike commuter

I have to tell you the feeling is awesome. It's reassuring to reach work with your energy at top levels. You feel you're ready to fulfill your tasks at work as if you're a new man. An early morning breeze would do for that.

In my case, I leave home at seven in the morning so as to reach at 7.30. Helmet, sunglasses, bag on the rear pack and there we go. The sensation is marvellous as you feel you're your own engine. No bus timetables to stick to, no (rising) transport fares, nothing at all. I grab my bike (the one seen above) and i forget about problems.

There are some myths about bike commuting I'd like to go over(myths that are unfounded of course).
Time: Many (non-bike commuters) say it'd take you ages to reach your work. Rubbish! What's worse, it takes me less time than travelling on public transport. For instance, it'd take me 45 minutes to reach home as I knock off at 12.30 and I reach home at 13.15 +/-. The scene is distinctly different while biking. I knock off at 12.30 so that i can reach home at 13.00. I have more spare time at home to check mails at home, hang around or whatever. before setting off to work again.

Garment: Many (non-bike commuters) say biking would make you look like as if you'd been running a marathon for twenty hours. Bollocks! The matter about all this is that you should leave earlier from home allowing yourself some spare time (10/15 minutes would do).You can pedal mind free from timetables . I always cycle in my job attire, pedal for 30 minutes and that's it. There is no need for you to carry a 20-kg bag on your rear pack. Always remember this: You are not a competitor in the Tour de France, you're are regular people biking to work. Take your time and pedal for pleasure, not for pressure.

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