Monday, January 12, 2009

Transport fares spike.. what is the solution? Biking

As you may have heard or read on the newspapers, both train, bus and subway lines are to raise their fares this week. All this is an intricate topic to deal with as it has an immediate effect on our economy. Not only transport fares have gushed this year but also fuel,tolls,gas and so on.

I distinctly remember our president Cristina Kirchner unveiling a new project on a high-speed train linking the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario. What for? Obviously, there lots of wads of notes for the KIRCHNER DYNASTY behind that project. Cristina K. clearly thinks the metropolitan transport is at its highest level, so extra money has to be invested on luxurious transportation. She's so narrow minded that anyone on its right sense would realise money has to be invested on newer trains and buses. Commuting is chaotic. During rush hour, there's hardly room for you to commute in a decent way.

Fortunately, we have bikes. If you commute and these rises blow you budget, TRY CYCLING. It's reassuring to see so many people riding bikes these days. Have a try! You'll save money on parking (if you have a car), insurance, sudden transport rises and fuel.You won't lower you social class in society just by using a bike, that is rubbish. You have to experience cycling when commuting; you'll refresh your mind, do extra exercise and feel healthier.

You can see in the snaps uploaded below that more and more people are struggling when commuting using public transportation. As a helping hand, biking comes to the rescue giving you the chance to lead a better life. Many people are using their bikes, not only downtown but also on the outskirts/suburbs of BA.

Now you are free to choose. You have two alternatives: killing for coins to commute on a packed bus after the fares shot up again or cycling to your destination so as to reach earlier without spending a single cent.

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  1. Es un afano el tema del boleto! En cap ahora hay 3 tarifas y encima cada linea tiene su propio esquema de cambio de secció por el mismo trayecto me cobraron diferente precio dos lineas distintas! Una vergüenza