Sunday, January 4, 2009

My first entry at using bikes in Buenos Aires

This passion of riding bikes has inspired me to build this blog.At times when transport fares have shot up in Buenos Aires, the use of bikes will become the means of trasnportation for those who can't afford a rise in fares. It's believed that commuters will face up a spike of up to 25% in bus, subway and train fares.
Not only this but also another issues have encouraged me to use my bike. Being a cheaper (free in fact), healthier and enjoyable way to move around in Moreno, my home town, I use my bike as I had never used it before. Whenever I have to travel downtown, I catch the train, hang my bike in the racks and that's it. Once downtown, I reach my destination faster as traffic seems to be chaotic these days.

In this blog, I'll give you my reactions as to news, curiosities or even my own experiences on two wheels. Hope you visit my blog regularly and enjoy your reading as well as you enjoy your riding.


  1. Hola oso!
    Este el primer comentario del blog y el primero mio...te quiero mucho y me gusta compartir tu gusto de andar en bici juntos.
    I love you

  2. Great website, felicidades! Espero que se van a servir como buen ejemplo para mas gente en la capital!
    Muy bien,
    Julia desde Tailandia / Chiang Mai - miebro de World Car Free News